5 Benefits of Exercising Regularly

step aerobics with dumbbells

Exercise helps to improve health ( physical and mental ) and fitness. Everyone should do some exercise of atleast 30 minutes a day and make it a part of your daily routine.

Exercise is categorized in four different forms which are as follows:
aerobic exercises are those in which you need high amount of oxygen like running, jogging, swimming, bicycling and so on.
strength exercises help to strengthen our muscles like weight lifting ,climbing stairs.
balance exercises help to maintain balance for walking specially for the old adults like standing on single foot.
flexible exercises help your body stay limber and stretches your muscles like yoga , upper body stretching, legs stretching and so on.

There are countless benefits of exercise but 5 BASIC BENEFITS OF DOING EXERCISE REGULARLY are described below :

Strengthens muscles–>
Exercise increases strength and flexibility of muscles. It helps to balance your weight issues and makes you look good and attractive. High intensity exercise helps to get bikini body. It improves blood circulation which benefits your skin and mood as well.

Better performance–>
Aerobic exercise boosts the size of hippocampus ( part of the brain responsible for memory and learning ), makes you more focused and improves your concentration.
It benefits your day-to-day performance.

Helps immune system–>
Exercise helps your immune system . It makes you stronger and prevents you from many chronic and viral diseases like heart problems, obesity, diabetes 2, cold, fever etc.
It makes you fit from inside which helps your organs to function properly like breathing, growing etc. It gives you long and healthy life.

Better sleep–>
As we know well that sound sleep is must for everyone. But in this fast and over-burdened lifestyle, one hardly gets sound sleep. These days many people get toss-and-turn sleep. Even simple exercise/stretching works great to make you feel active for the whole day and also helps you to sleep better for the whole night.

Reduces stress and balances your hormones–>

Stress is the cause of many health issues and also disturbs your hormones. That causes certain complications without any invitation. Exercise is the best anti-stress activity and is also recommended by doctors. Exercise helps to reduce your stress levels and makes you feel relaxed and happy for the whole day. Just a little exercise works wonders. 

Motivate yourself, your family and everyone around you to get physical fitness as its truly said that health is wealth.
Just step up from your busy or lazy schedule to look beautiful and feel good.

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