Breast Changes During Pregnancy

So many changes take place during this nine-month journey including your breasts. In most of the cases, the size and look of your breast changes due to hormonal changes. Your breasts go through many changes to prepare for breastfeeding(nursing your baby). Most of the women experience these changes like tenderness, itchiness, leakage etc. and some may experience more effects than other’s but that’s completely normal.

Some of the breast changes during pregnancy are as follows:

Sore breast is one of the very first signs of pregnancy. Your breast may feel sensitive and tender to touch. This change is noticeable in the first trimester and then later eases.

In just 6 weeks, around a full cup size of your breasts grow. They expand because of the increased blood flow to your breast to help the growth of milk ducts. You may also experience itchiness as your breast expands and may get stretch marks as well.

Your veins around your breast are more visible now, because of the increased blood flow to your breast. This change fades away after you give birth or after you stop breastfeeding.

Some women may experience some lumps and bumps in their breast during these nine months. They are caused by galactoceles(milk-filled cysts) or fibroadenomas(fibrous tissue). Although they are harmless still it’s better to get them checked by your doctor.

Nipples and the skin around your nipples called areolas are getting darker and will grow larger. These hormonal changes affect the pigmentation of the skin and your nipple become more defined.

Some women’s breast starts leaking a yellowish-thick substance in their last few months while some never leak. This is known as colostrum, your baby’s first meal when you start nursing your baby, it is rich in antibiotics that protect your baby.

Some of the helpful suggestions to make you more comfortable and help you to manage these breast changes are as follows:
– Buy well-fitted or maternity bra to give proper support as your breast size changes.
– Better to choose the cotton fabric and wireless bra to deal with your sore breasts.
– To relieve from breast pain, it’s best to cover it with a warm towel.
– Be hydrated and have a nutritious diet like fruits, veggies, and nuts to deal with tenderness.
– As your breast skin stretches, so better to moisturise it properly to avoid itchiness.

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