Common Reasons You cannot Lose Weight

If you have cut down on your calories intake but are still not losing weight, You might have sticked with some bad habits in your diet , due to some medications or many other factors which are responsible for not losing weight anymore. Unhealthy lifestyle definitely hinders your weight lose process.

Following are some of the common reasons due to which you can’t lose weight :

According to doctors, healthy breakfast is must for good immune system. Skipping your breakfast makes you more hungry which causes overeating in lunch or snack time. It also lowers your immunity and makes you unhealthy .


Small and healthy snacks are good in-between the meals but having snacks too often and of high calories work disaster like having fried potatoes, desserts, choco cookies , ice-cream smoothies and specially too much SUGAR and SODIUM based food. Even eating just before your bedtime helps to put-on more weight.


If you are not taking sufficient sleep, your ghrelin level increases i.e. hunger stimulating hormone. High ghrelin level increases your hunger which can cause overeating and you can’t lose weight.

Hormonal imbalance directly affects your weight issue. Hypothyrodism builds up salt and water in body which makes you overweight. Check out with your doctor before its too late.

Too long medication and strong pills like anti-depressents, cholestrol, high blood pressure etc. have many side effects on your health. One of the main cause of these pills is you get overweight.

In starting you were so dedicated about your workout in gym. But after some time, you get friends there and start spending time with them . Like, earlier you spent 2 hours but now you are left with just half an hour or an hour which automatically affects your weight loss progress.


Habit of drinking too much alcohol , aerated drinks and other sugar beverages completely mess up your weight loss process. As they are of very high calories, so you can’t lose weight even after doing exercise.

Remember, Weight lose is not a 2-4 days process. It’s a long process. Motivate yourself and show your full dedication towards your fitness plan. Don’t ruin your health just for the sake of taste and some bad habits. Weight lose is not that difficult as one thinks. Just make little changes in your lifestyle or make yourself healthy to get fit and lean body.

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