Makeup is an all-time favorite and a powerful tool for many people. You put many colors on your face on a daily basis to enhance your features, tone, looks etc., but could it harm your skin? Many makeup products are full of harmful chemicals, so better to pick the one which is natural, paraben free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic etc. And also pick the one according to your skin type. But using heavy makeup on regular basis will definitely affect your skin.

Following are some of the ways that makeup could affect your skin:
As heavy and oil-based makeup sinks deeper into your skin, making it difficult to remove and hence clogs pores. It may also enlarge your pores as well with time. These foundations and blushes might look nice but they may rob the natural glow and smoothness of your skin.

Makeup when coming in contact with pollution, dirt, and sweat will completely wreck your skin and hence invite many unwanted skin problems like redness, inflammation, breakouts etc. Harmful chemicals and ingredients like parabens, sulfate etc. in makeup products may cause skin allergies, inflammation, and dry patches.

By putting eye makeup like Kajal, eyeliner, mascara, glitter etc. on regular basis will harm your sensitive eyes and eye area as well. The small particles and chemicals in makeup may cause redness, inflammation, dry eyes, itchiness etc. and may also affect your eye cornea.

Too much teasing and stretching your eye area while wearing liners and shadows and some harmful chemicals may cause premature aging (wrinkles). Even pulling and rubbing your skin while removing makeup will also increase the chances of wrinkles.

The risk of your makeup products carrying more bacteria’s increases if you are using old makeup, sharing it with someone else and not cleaning your makeup brushes properly. Unknowingly, these bacterias smearing it all over your face and give you an unwanted bacterial infection.

Some makeup products carrying fragrances or scents that can trigger these unwanted reactions like headaches, or unpleasant symptoms. You need to be very attentive to figure it out as they are difficult to pinpoint.

Take some of the precautions while picking or wearing makeup:
– Better to properly clean your makeup before bedtime to prevent your pores to be clogged.
– Choose cleanser or toner according to your skin type and use it twice daily to deeply cleanse your pores.
– Avoid makeup products carrying harmful chemicals like parabens, fragrances, preservatives, petrochemicals, etc.
– Always choose the products according to your skin type.
– Check out the label or ingredients before buying any makeup product.
– Don’t share your makeup with anyone else and properly clean or sanitize your brushes/applicators.
– Liquid or cream products may cause more breakouts, so better to avoid them especially if you have oily skin.
– Avoid wearing it on regular basis and just go natural for flawless skin.

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