Premature graying of hair is so common in youngsters that makes a huge worry for most. Actually, your hair follicles contain pigmentation cells called melanin which is responsible for your hair color. When this melanin content decreases at an early age, then you will experience premature graying of hair.

Before stepping towards its prevention, let’s just talk about its causes:
– Premature graying of hair is normally genetic in nature.
– Lack of nutrition will directly impact on your hair health and you’ll spot the grays.
– Deficiency of iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin D, B12 is responsible for premature graying of hair.
– Stress and anxiety are also responsible.
– Smoking leads to free radical produced in the body and decrease the melanin content, which promotes graying of hair.
– Daily pollution and dirt are also responsible for weak hair strands and that finally leads to hair-fall and premature graying.
– Some serious medical issues like thyroid also lead to the advents of the gray.

How to prevent the premature graying of hair?
– Firstly, include nutritious food rich in protein, vitamins, iron, zinc, and folic acid in your diet like salmon, fish, eggs, walnuts, green veggies, broccoli, milk, blueberries etc. This ensures a great improvement.
– You may also consult your doctor to add supplements of B12 vitamin and folic acid.
– Practice yoga poses and massaging your scalp regularly will also help you to relax and increase blood circulation. This really helps to promote your hair health.
– Better to use mild/organic shampoos and hair-products as harsh chemicals may also affect the pigmentation of hair.
– Put on some efforts to have a healthy lifestyle, learn to manage stress and quit bad habits like smoking which helps to promote your hair as well as overall health.

Some of the home remedies to prevent premature graying of hair:
– Amla powder/Gooseberry
Just mix amla powder with almond oil and a little lemon and make a thick paste. Now apply this mask on your scalp and you’ll see the results after few uses.

– Curry Leaves
Boil handful of curry leaves with about 1 cup coconut oil for about 10-15 minutes. Now strain the mixture after it gets cool. And then massage your scalp for good 10 minutes and let it sit for about an hour before washing your hair.

– Onion Juice
Extract juice of 1 large onion and mix it with 2-3 tbsp coconut oil and 1/2 castor oil. Slightly warm this mixture before applying. Let it sit for about an hour and then wash with some mild shampoo.

– Fenugreek seeds
Soak 2 tbsp fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Now grind these seeds to make a smooth paste and apply it properly on your hair and scalp. Then wash your hair after an hour. That also helps to treat itchiness or other scalp infections.

– Sesame seed Oil
Simply mix 2 tbsp sesame oil with 2 tbsp coconut oil. Better to warm this oil before applying and then massage your hair for 5-10 minutes. Now let it do its work for about an hour and then wash your hair.

These are some of the very effective home remedies to prevent premature graying of hair. Just pick the one that suits you and do it consistently. And step-up towards nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle.

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