How To Treat Sunburn?

Too much exposure in the sun without any protection can cause sunburn and make your skin red, swollen, and even painful. It’s important to treat sunburn on time before it gets even worse.
Following are some of the tips which help to heal and relieve from sunburn damage:

Sunburn can cause inflammation and this can be treated by cooling down the affected area. Ice-cold water helps to soothe the burned and inflamed skin (simply soak the cloth and place it over the burn) or you may also take bath. But too much dipping in or applying ice directly can dry out or irritate your sunburned skin.

As sunburn can dry out and peel off your skin, so a good moisturizer like aloe vera gel, calamine lotion may be soothing. Better to use a gentle moisturizer when the skin is little damp and repeat it more often. And avoid using ‘-Caine’ products like benzocaine as this may cause an allergic reaction.

While you are hydrating yourself from outside with a gentle moisturizer, hydration from inside also works great to treat a sunburn. Drink plenty of water or fluids which help to hydrate and repair your skin.

Skin blisters indicate that you are having a second-degree sunburn. Just don’t peel, rupture or pop your blister as they actually help to speed up healing and protect you from the skin infection. Just leave it as-it-is or you may apply some ointment.

Opt for loose and comfy clothes when the skin is healing after a sunburn. As tight clothes and snug straps can cause further damage by rubbing, so better to use natural fibers like cotton that doesn’t stick to your skin. This actually gives your skin some room to breathe.

To protect your sunburn getting worse, simply protect it from further sun exposure like stay in the shade, or wear sun-protecting clothes. This little extra care works great to speed up your skin healing.

Don’t forget to consult your doctor if your symptoms are getting worse like fever, intense itching, too-large blisters etc. Remember that these are some of the basic symptoms of sunburn, but if you are getting too much sun exposure, it may also cause permanent skin damage or even skin cancer. Stay safe and protect yourself from the sun.

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