Day skincare routine is about protecting your skin from UV rays and pollution, whereas night skincare routine is all about repairing and rebuilding. So after the harmful exposure to pollution and weather which may cause premature ageing and skin damage, your skin needs proper care during night-time to prevent and nourish the skin health. You just need 5 minutes before bedtime to make a big difference.

Following are some of the essential night skin care routine tips :

The first step of cleansing is to remove your makeup with a mild makeup remover. Then further cleanse your face and neck with a mild cleanser to wash off the day’s dirt, grime and remaining makeup. Proper cleansing helps your skin to breathe, and even reduce breakouts and acne.

Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells, deeply embedded impurities and blackheads. It makes your skin soft and supple. Gently scrub your face and neck twice a week. Over scrubbing may harm your skin, so do it gently. To rejuvenate and revitalise your skin, you may also use face pack/ face mask once a week.

Toner is beneficial for all skin types, just select it according to your skin type. It not only helps to tighten up the pores but can also remove the remaining impurities left behind and refreshes your skin. It benefits your acne, scars, wrinkles etc by further cleansing. So better to never skip this step.

Face serum helps to boost the production of collagen and stimulates cell growth. Select the serum according to your skin type and requirement to get a clear, young and wrinkle-free skin. Apply it before moisturising to deeply penetrate into the skin, just take 2-3 drops and apply it all over your face.

After cleansing and toning, moisturiser is a must for all skin types. While removing dirt and makeup with a cleanser, essential oils also get washed away and make your skin drier. So your skin needs proper nourishment to maintain it’s pH balance and softness. Choose a nice moisturiser or night cream to hydrate your skin.

Your eyes and lips require extra attention and care. Moisturise your eye area with either almond oil or an eye cream to prevent puffiness and dark circles. Also, apply lip balm before bedtime to prevent cracked and chapped lips.

Nothing can stop your skin ageing process, but proper care helps to slow it down. So just take care of your skin regularly, that will help to give you healthy and glowing skin for longer and your skin will thank you. This skin care routine should be followed by both men and women, youngsters and elders. This will just take 5 minutes to enhance your personality.

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