Are your hair getting dry and damaged day-by-day? There are many factors that affect your hair health like genes, hormones, diet, medical issues, etc. But here let’s talk about some of the ways that damage your hair unknowingly. You need to change some of the bad hair behaviors which lead to hair breakage and frizziness. All you need to do is to pay little more attention towards your hair care to get back that shine and softness.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways that damage your hair on daily basis unknowingly:

– Chemical-based hair color
While doing bleaching, highlights, and coloring, you are putting too many chemicals on your hair that rob the shine and luster of your hair if done frequently and makes them look dull and damaged over time. Just choose the natural hair colors, use a deep conditioning treatment and talk to your colorist before dyeing your hair.

– Over styling
Tight hairstyles, teasing, and using hair sprays/gels on regular basis will end up with more hair breakage and split ends. Be very careful, as this may also cause permanent hair damage. Try doing simple and loose hairstyles on regular basis.

– Blow drying
In a rush, without thinking you always opt for blow dryers to let them dry quickly. But continue blow-drying your hair on high heat can cause hair damage by drying and breaking it out. Let your hair air dry or choose the cooler setting.

– Flatirons/curling irons
Styling tools like straighteners and curlers if used too frequently will lead to serious damage to your hair cuticles and also shred away hair’s natural moisture. Don’t use it on daily basis and when needed, use heat protector spray/serum.

– Shampooing too often
Washing your hair too often and even using hot water while washing can strip away your hair’s natural oil. This makes your hair become more dry and brittle. Better to wash your hair twice or thrice a weak with normal water to maintain their pH balance.

– Brushing your wet hair
I know brushing your wet hair helps to easily de-tangle your hair, but do you know it really leads to more hair-fall as they are more fragile when wet. Better to brush your hair after air-drying or you may use your fingers or wide comb very gently on slightly damp hair to de-tangle.

– Excess exposure in sunlight
Too much exposure in sunlight not only affects your skin but also affects your hair health like discoloration, frizz, thinning, brittle strands etc. Better to go out earlier or late in a day, or use a hat/umbrella to protect your hair from harmful UV rays.

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